Agerola is known and appreciated for its strategic position on the Amalfi Coast and also close to Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano. But, at the same time, Agerola is among the most known urban centers of the Lattari Mountains, starting point, transit and arrival of numerous, characteristic and fascinating mountain trails, perfect for lovers of trekking and hiking. Thousands of mountain walkers come to Agerola every year to take the famous Sentiero degli Dei or the Valle delle Ferriere and other tracks of inimitable beauty.


PATH OF THE GODS – from Agerola to Positano

Length: about 11 Km (with shorter variations that reach up to Praiano)

The Sentiero degli Dei leaves from Agerola in Bomerano Piazza Paolo Capasso. The first point of interest encountered along the way is the Grotta del Biscotto, named for the unique shape of the rock it is made of which looks like a biscuit.
The trail reveals all the enchantment of its magical panorama on the Amalfi Coast, from Positano to the Faraglioni of Capri, on the way from Colle Serra to Nocelle in Positano.


VALLE DELLE FERRIERE – from Agerola to Amalfi

Length: 10 Km

The spectacular walk from Agerola to Piazza del Duomo and the Spiagge di Amalfi starts just a few steps from the Bed & Breakfast Nido degli Dei. The Sentiero di Valle delle Ferriere, in fact, starts right from Via Radicosa Agerola and, through the CAI signs, leads to Murillo, from where the suggestive descent towards Amalfi begins, crossing an incredible reserve of enormous naturalistic and historical value.
Along the way you can admire waterfalls, rare and secular ferns, as well as specimens of animals such as salamander and frogs. Before arriving in Amalfi, the route reserves the passage through the area that once housed the Ancient Cartiere di Amalfi where, exploiting the strength of streams and streams, the water was used in the handicraft production of the famous Amalfi paper. One last stretch, through the interesting terrace cultivation of the lemons of Amalfi and then you get to the paved road. Before reaching the Cathedral of Amalfi, a short visit to the Amalfi Paper Museum is recommended. Then, if the day allows, the excursion to Valle delle Ferriere can end with a refreshing swim in the blue waters of Amalfi.



Length: 10 Km

From the B&B Nido degli Dei, through Via Radicosa, you get to a fantastic mountain path known as Monte Cerreto, made special by the spectacular views of the Vesuvio it offers. In general, during this walk, you have the opportunity to admire the view of both the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, being on a mountain ridge just in the middle between the two beautiful locations.

To follow the path of Monte Cerreto, you have to arrive in Pontichito via Via Radicosa. Then passing through the reserve dell’Imbarrata, the CAI signage leads to the Casa del Megano and, again, to a fork where you choose whether to continue for Scala or climb up to the Altopiano del Cerreto.


PINE ORRIDO – Agerola – Furore

Length: 4 Km

The Orrido di Pino Path, in spite of the name, allows a beautiful walk along the whole territory of Agerola, from Bomerano to San Lazzaro, arriving to the nearby Furore (locality Pizzo Corvo).

The start of the trail is in Località Tuoro (San Lazzaro). Intermediate stages lead to follow the course of the Penise River, up to a narrow ford located near an old mill. After passing the river, you walk up to Furore (Pino), then up again to Agerola (Bomerano Parco Corona). The trail is easy to walk and, in a short time, shows all the beauties of the territory of Agerola.